Wedding Car Hire

Wedding Car Hire

Wedding Car Hire from Chauffeurline The Leading Wedding Car Hire Company offering our services across the uk in many towns and cities we are operating Luxury Wedding Cars from Modern to Classic Including Vintage Cars to help you celebrate your special day let us handle your complex wedding transport arrangements so you can relax and enjoy your big day.


Rolls Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom

Our Chauffeurs always come dressed in suite attire wear white gloves and if you prefer also wear a top Hat please let us know your requirements for the day in question.

All our wedding cars come standard with Ribbons and bows complimentary champagne including soft drinks if required we can also supply you flowers of your choice just let us know and we will make this happen for you.

Tips to hire an effective wedding car hire

For any couple planning for their big day, a car hire is one of the most challenging tasks. It is very crucial to pick car hire services from companies you can trust and rely on because a wedding is a day which is meant to be special and memorable without any hiccups or problems.

You have to pay very close attention when it comes to ensuring that your wedding day goes according to plan. The wedding cars should pick you from your homes to where the ceremony will be held at, and then from there travel you as a couple to the reception venue. Arrangements can also be made for the car to sneak you to your hotel room after the wedding before you and your bride leaves for the honeymoon.

When looking for a good car hire company to hire for your wedding day, start b looking online for the companies that offer the service around the area where you are planning to hold the wedding. It is good to identify and know the type and style of cars which you want to blend in with the theme of the wedding because not all wedding car hire companies have the cars to provide around your area.

The best approach in order to get the best company is to pick three companies. This ensures that you review each company in detail, know more about the company and compare the prices of all the companies so that you can choose the company which you feel suits you best and is most reliable to you.

From the tree companies, you can also go through their portfolios to evaluate their performances. You can also go through the reviews of each of the websites and ensure that the company which you choose has been in operational for years and has a proven track record. You can check the testimonials also just to be sure that they are the perfect guys for the day.

Must-Do Things to Choose the Right Wedding Car Hire Services

Your wedding is coming up and you want everything to be perfect for your special day. You also know that you don’t really want to do any driving. So what are some things to look for in your wedding car hire services? Here are the top six things to consider when you’re determining which limo company or wedding car hire company to contract with.

1) Make sure to do your homework before you head out to find a wedding car hire service. What kind of cars do you want? What kinds of amenities do you want? Are there different pick up and drop off locations? It’s important to know what you’re looking for before you go looking for it.

2) You should start looking for a wedding car service 3-8 months before your wedding. This will give you ample time to determine a good company and reserve the type of car that you want. If you’re still having trouble finding a good company, you can always ask your wedding photographer. They’re in the wedding business so they can most likely give you some good recommendations. If your photographer is just starting out, ask your friends and family if they recommend anyone.

3) Check with the wedding car company to make sure that they have all the appropriate licenses. Also ask how they screen their drivers. You certainly don’t want some crazy maniac behind the wheel on your wedding day. And ensure that you get along with your driver. It’s important to do everything you can to make your wedding day as special as possible and a courteous driver will go a long way in creating that environment.

4) Be clear with the company how many people they will be transporting and what you are looking for. It’s extremely important to be clear and concise when hiring a limo company for your wedding. Having open communication is the best way to avoid unwanted surprises.

5) Be aware of your budget before you go into deciding what company to hire. Don’t forget that it is okay to try and haggle with the wedding car company, but make sure to toe the line on your budget.

6) Make sure to double check all the arrangements that you made at least a week (preferably two) before your wedding to make sure the wedding car hire company have all the finer details correct for your big day

You also need to be sure that the wedding car hire you choose will be reliable. You need to be sure that the guys will arrive at the venue during the agreed time, and they need to have knowledge about the location of the wedding and the reception to avoid traffic huddles.

Look at the fleet of vehicles which the car hire company has to ensure that they have the wedding cars which suit the theme of your wedding. It’s advisable to choose a variety of cars, so that incase one is booked, you have a fallback plan.

Don’t let your decision to be solely based on the price. But in case you are torn between two companies which offer the same quality of service, then you can choose the company with the most affordable price.

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