Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate Event Dates To Help you Plan Your Day 27th – 30th May: PGA World Match Play, Wentworth.
Vijay Singh and Ernie Els will both play at the prestigious Volvo
PGA Championship on the European Tour at Wentworth in May.
The in-form pair are second and third in the world behind Tiger Woods. Only a short drive from the House (approx 30 mins)
15th June – 19th June: Royal Ascot
Ascot is one of the world’s most well-known racecourses.
Royal Ascot is a 5-day horse racing event – each year the Queen attends on at least one of the days. Thursday is known as Ladies Day, and is famous for fashion.
June 21 – 4th July: Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
A world-famous tennis competition at Wimbledon.
30th June – 4th July: Royal Henley Regatta

Traditional rowing races at Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

2nd July – 4th July: British Grand Prix
International Formula 1 motor race at Silverstone competition starts on Saturday; main race on Sunday).
28th – 30th August: Notting Hill Carnival, London
A free colourful street festival in London. This is one of Europe’s largest carnivals, attended by up to a million people each year. Sunday is known as Children’s Day. This day is less crowded, so you may be able to get a better view of the procession and find it easier to leave afterwards if you go then. The main event is on Monday.
Considerations when hiring a chauffeur driven car agency

Mercedes Corporate Events

Chauffeur driven cars are needed for number of occasions like weddings, being carried to the airport, or city for the tours or any business events. Chauffeur cards is therefore clearly necessary for the chauffeurs to be happily and prepared to go that additional mile to satisfy the clients. A best hiring company will go to high lengths to offer good service which cross the customers expectations in trying to improve the firm’s image. When you need to contain better control over the expenses on traveling, then check the amount prior you hire the service.

You should also remember the truth that the amount contains small or nothing to perform with the efficiency and perfection. There are large numbers of chauffeur driven cars to match with all events and it is also necessary to check about the reputation of the hire supplier. When hiring, you should clarify about the terms and conditions of the agency. There may be numerous cars are found at a affordable rate but it is important to ensure which you select the vehicle category based on the number of travelers and the conditions of the luxury you need. Only if you consider all these points, it will be suitable for your purposes and it can also be able to give the best performance as you expect from it.

To make sure that nothing carries the shine off the experience, you must select a hire company which uses excellent professional chauffeur who contain impeccable behavior. Prior you move forward to hire a vehicle, ensure that the chauffeur driven service provided by the agency are best and whether the chauffeur are punctual, polite and efficient . You should also analyze whether the chauffeurs and cars are obtained license by the local authority. It is also good to choose to hire a agencies which are strictly following the codes of practice and serve best professional service at any times.

You may need the car company to collect the guests on your behalf, hence it is important which the guests have a best impression and own quality of courtesy, punctuality and professionalism are shown by the service. Always see widely when selecting the chauffeur car service and select only the people who are reliable, trustworthy and it will be become a good asset to your business. There are number of providers you can find for this kind of service and most of the services are available online. You can make some research online by making certain inquiries to make sure that you find the right service which you are searching for especially with Corporate Events.

Most of the firms provide two kinds of services based on the customer’s preferences like chauffeured or self driven vehicle. But when you are finding for the requirement to relax, comfort and to enjoy the ride, then you look for the chauffeur driven car service which is the right option. These chauffeurs have the experience and are experts in driving the cars. There are a lot of reasons why people select to hire chauffeur driven cars and we can cater for any occasion weather its a Wedding or just an important business meeting we can cater for your Chauffeur and Corporate Event Requirements.